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BRB 18th Ammend APA 6pk Cans 330ml

The 18th Amendment brought about the darkest period of American history. (No, not The Brady Bunch Movie, Prohibition.) The ban on alcohol meant you couldn't get a decent beer anywhere, unless, of course, you 'knew a guy'. This A.P.A., brewed in honour of your friendly, local bootlegger, is loaded with all-American hops, notes of citrus, and a crisp, bitter finish. Enjoy it quick before someone makes fun illegal again

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This beer displays honeyed characters and the subtle hop flavours lead to a slightly sweet finish on the palate. As with all our beers, we believe that Discovery’s flavours can be enjoyed with food as well as on their own, we recommend that this beer matches well with the hot spiced dishes of the following cuisines: Mexican (well it was pioneered in California), South East Asian (Thai, Malay, Vietnamese, Indonesian) , Indian