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Coopers Orig Pale Ale 6pk 375m

Coopers Original Pale Ale is light is light in colour but with 4.5% alc/vol it still has a bite. The naturally fermented ale is brewed using the "Burton-on-Trent" style. The Pale Ale, like most of the Coopers stable, is bottle fermented to give the beer that Coopers cloudy look caused by yeast residue. To get the the full flavour effect stir the sediment throughout the beer by tipping the bottle on its side before opening. The light smooth beer is easy to drink with a fresh fruity flavour, smooth finish and bitter aftertaste. Coopers Original Pale Ale is brewed without any preservatives or chemicals so that the drinker can have that extra one or two with the hope that it won't catch up with them the next day. This top fermented ale is smooth, light and bitter and almost drinks itself.

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