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Craft Beers

Monteiths Great Divide Pale ale 6pk Btls 330ml

Inspired by the rugged Arthur’s Pass, the gateway to the West Coast, this uniquely Kiwi Pale Ale bridges the gap between a pale malt base with warm toffee notes and tropical citrus flavours from abundant dry hopping. ABV: 4.5%

Monteiths Highway IPA 6pk Bottles

Highway 6 is recognised as one the world’s great drives and runs the length of our West Coast. Named in its honour our IPA has generous additions of NZ Pacifica and US Cascade hops offering floral notes and hints of marmalade, with a well-balanced malt base and a touch of crystal and toffee malts.

Monteiths Original 12pk Btls 330ml

A full and rounded Pale Ale with notes of caramels, burnt sugars and a hint of blackberry. Brewed to the same family recipe from 1868. Food Match:Food Match: Great with West Coast wild foods such as whitebait, as well as havarti and hard yellow cheeses. ABV: 4%

Monteiths Patriot APA 12pk Bottles 330ml

A fresh West Coast take on the classic American Pale Ale, the epic combination of Pacific Jade, U.S. Citra, Mosaic and Galaxy hops gives our Patriot brew a distinct international character. Food Match: A perfect complement to fresh fish tacos, ideally using pan-seared blue cod topped with a chunky slaw and chipotle aioli.

Monteiths Patriot APA 6pk Bottles 330ml

Packed with a mix of genuine American Citra hops and New Zealand bittering hops giving this beer a full citrus aroma and a solid flavour. A West Coast interpretation of an American Classic.

Monteiths Phoenix 12pk Bottles 330ml

The Phoenix IPA showcases a unique fusion of American Simco, Chinook and Citra hops. A clean crisp malt base allows these hops to shine with a heady aroma of pine and citrus. Notes of fresh cut grass compliment subtle passionfruit flavours with a touch a of spice to round out the brew. ABV: 5%

Monteiths Radler 12pk Btls 330ml

Monteith’s Radler® is a refreshing, fruity, lemon and lime-flavoured lager inspired by a drink first served up in Bavaria in the 1920’s by Franz Xaver Kugler, the owner of an Austrian Gasthaus. In search of an invigorating brew, he developed an easy drinking lager bier with a citrus twist “” flavoured with lemon and lime ““ which was the perfect treat for the many cyclists (“radler” in German) and mountain hikers who visited his alpine guesthouse.

Monteiths Radler 6pk Bottles 330ml

An easy drinking beer with light hoppy notes and a hint of natural lemon juice, giving it a refreshing zesty citrus finish.Food Match: Great with a light spring salad, as well as soft rind cheeses such as brie. ABV: 5%

Monteiths Sounds Hazy Pale Ale 12pk Bottles 330ml

An aromatic and flavourful drop, Monteith’s Sounds Hazy Pale Ale is made with Pacifica, Kohatu and Galaxy hops that make for a crisp and refreshing beer with light fruit notes. A cloudy style beer that is perfect for sunny summer day. ABV: 4.5%

Monteiths Summer Ale 6pk btls 330ml

A refreshingly spiced, bright gold beer with a real flavoursome zest. First we chose four different malts to give a smooth heart, then we carefully brought the beer through the brewhouse and spiced it gently with a single hop variety. With the addition of traditional spices and the finishing touch of a little rata honey, the result is unique.

Monteiths Summerale 12pk Btls 330ml

A refreshing spiced, bright gold beer with a real flavoursome zest.Food Match: Great with summer salads and stir-fries, or creamy brie, pine nuts and honey oat bread. ABV: 5%

Monteiths Wayfarer Pils 12pk Bottles 330ml

A crisp Eastern European style lager with thick hop bitterness and smooth malty character. Wayfarer Pilsner is the perfect addition to any leisure activity, especially those featuring sunshine, water and sand. ABV: 5.1%