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Craft Beers

Tuatara American Pale Ale 6pk Btls 330ml

Up front palate of citrus with pine notes. Has nice malt sweetness and balanced hop finish.Try With: Spicy mexican tapas. ABV: 5.6%
Previously:  $21.99 $19.99

Tuatara Aotearoa Pale Ale 6pk Btls 330ml

Taste: Citrus, grapefruit and herb flavours with a fresh hop finish. Try With: Venison sausages ABV: 5.8%
Previously:  $21.99 $19.99

Tuatara Hazy Pale Ale 6pk Bottles 330ml

Look: Dull golden, slightly hazy. Aroma: Tropical and citrus fruits with subtle honey malt. Taste: A refreshing combination of mango and pineapple with a generous dose of citrus. Light bodied with honeyed malt undertones. Try With: Poached white fish with lemon herb butter. ABV: 5.5%
Previously:  $21.99 $19.99

Tuatara IPA 6pk 330ml

Very fruity flavours of citrus, tropical and stone fruits. Balanced malt base. Solid bitterness. Try With: A good old kiwi BBQ steak. ABV: 6.1%
Previously:  $21.99 $19.99

Tuatara Mix 6pk Btls 330ml

Tuatara's 6 flagship brews in one box! One bottle of each; Pilsner, Hefeweizen,Hazy Pale Ale, American APA, Aotearoa Pale Ale and IPA. Great gift or for Tuatara newbies or when you just can't choose which one to get.
Previously:  $21.99 $19.99

Tuatara Pacific Pale Ale 6pk Bottles 330ml

The finest hops from Oz, combined with Aotearoa’s best to create an ale light in colour, but rich with hoppy pineapple, mango and passionfruit. Grown and brewed under the Southern Cross.
Previously:  $21.99 $19.99

Tuatara Pilsner 6pk 330ml

Taste: Crisp, firm bodied with notes of citrus and grass. Good hop bitterness and refreshingly dry finish. Aroma: Light aroma of citrus and malt. ABV: 5%
Previously:  $21.99 $19.99

Wakachangi 12pk Bottles 330ml

Established more or less in 1648, Wakachangi is probably New Zealand's oldest and most trusted beer! Legend has it the first batch was brewed by nymphomaniac monks in Portugal. They were keen to make a beer that could be used to treat colour blindness and the affects of asparagus wees. They also wanted to make a beer that didn't taste like badger piss thats been put through a 16th Century soda-stream. By all accounts they were succesful, but once the Catholic Church got word of it they wanted the beer for themselves. In an act that many people feel inspired Dan Brown's 'Da Vinci Code', the monks went to go into hiding with the recipe. It was lost for nearly 400 years until inexplicably it turned up just outside of Greymouth, New Zealand, whereupon it was found by Great Uncle Kenny, one of New Zealand's most prolific inventors, adventurors and philanderers. He spent many years perfecting the recipe. He wanted to make a truly national beer that could be enjoyed by everyone, also, most importantly, one that didn't taste like wees that had been put through a soda stream. Luckily he achieved this and in the process made the first South Otago beer with North Canterbury flavours, brewed by a West-Coaster with the ol' misty waters of the Waikato! The rest as they say is history!