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Liqueur Range

Alize Coco Rum 750ml

Alize COCO is a delectable tropical blend of natural coconut, exotic passion fruit and luscious all-natural flavors infused with premium French spirits. This exciting new imported entry is smooth with a slightly sweet finish—it delivers fresh, natural ingredients that immediately transport you to a tropical island.
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Alize Gold Passion Liqueur 1000ml

Vibrant opaque golden orange color. Pleasant mango, tangelo, and passionfruit aromas follow through on a supple, satiny entry to a fruity sweet medium-to-full body with tangy tropical citrus accents and a smooth, lightly brandied fade.
Previously:  $39.99 $34.99

Alize' Gold Passion Liqueur 750 ml

Vibrant opaque golden orange color. Pleasant mango, tangelo, and passionfruit aromas follow through on a supple, satiny entry to a fruity sweet medium-to-full body with tangy tropical citrus accents and a smooth, lightly brandied fade.

Alize Red Passion Liqueur 750 ml

Alize Red Passion is a wickedly exciting blend of Alize V.S. Cognac fused with succulent passion fruit from the rainforests of Brazil, Canadian cranberry juice and a hint of sumptuous peach juice from Chile. Alize Red Passion is best enjoyed chilled, on the rocks, with Champagne or mixed with cranberry juice for an invigorating longer drink

Alize Rose Vodka Liqueur 1000ml

The French love of life is behind this luscious masterpiece. Alize Rose is naturally filtered, pure French Vodka with the essence of Mediterranean roses, passion fruit, litchis & strawberries.


Amaro Averna 700ml

Averna is an excellent liqueur with full body and smooth taste, extremely pleasant for every moment of the day. You can drink it or taste it straight, with ice or frozen. It is produced using an ancient recipe made of herbs, which has been passed down from one generation to another since 1868. Each of the most delicate phases of the production of the bitter, all of which take place in the herbalist’s laboratory, are stringently checked in order to guarantee the authenticity of the ingredients and the high quality of the product. This is why Averna is one of the most famous bitters appreciated worldwide.

Amaro Montenegro 1000ml

Lightly sweet with rose petals, dried orange peel, and cherry. A subtle earthy spice of cassia bark, allspice, coriander, and saffron as well as black tea and tobacco. The bitterness is soft and elegant. ABV: 23%


Amaro Ramazotti Liqueur 1000ml

A Italian Bitter Aperitif, created in 1815 in Milan by Ausano Ramazzotti. Hailed as The King Of Aperitifs, it is made with around 30 herbs and the recipe, which hasn't changed for 200 years, is only known to 3 people in the world. What made Ramazzotti famous all over the world was the slogan - "Ramazzotti is always good for you!".


Amarula Cream 700ml

Amarula Cream is made from the fruit of the Marula Tree that only grows wild, in the warm, frost-free regions of subequatorial Africa. Marula trees cannot be cultivated, and the fruit has to be picked when the fruit ripens during the height of the South African summer, mid-January to mid-March. The fruit is then distilled into liquor that is then added to the highest-quality cream to make Amarula Cream.

Amarula Gold Fruit Liqueur 1000ml

A non-cream edition of Amarula, gold is made using marula fruit, double distilled and aged in oak. This makes a delicious long drink with sparkling apple juice. ABV:40%

Amarula Vanilla Sp Cream 1000ml

The Marula spirit, made from distilled Marula fruit contains natural wood spice characteristics of vanilla and caramel. The Bourbon Vanilla extract has a powerful rich and very long lasting note of fresh, ripe vanilla beans with a sweet spicy background. The African Ginger Root extract is best known for its strong spicy ginger flavour. This root brings an African heritage to the flavour to create complexity. ABV:15.5%

Ambrosia Mead Honey Liqueur n Glasses Gift pk 500m

Ambrosia Honey Mead tastes of rich sweet honey with a warm heavenly bite. 500ml Bottle of Ambrosia Honey Mead Liqueur with gold flakes. Mead is often referred to as the Nectar of the Gods, or the Drink of Love. It is a delightful ritual beverage that can add depth to your rituals and celebrations. The word 'honeymoon' originated with Pagan wedding celebrations where the dancing and mead were constant, sometimes for as long as an entire moon cycle. Mead was considered a beverage that enhanced fertility, growth, and especially the birth of a male child. What could be more appropriate for our celebrations than a drink that celebrates nature?