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NZ Ciders

Scrumpy Cider 8.1% 1.25 Litre

Launched in 1991, Scrumpy Cider remains one of New Zealands favourite cider brands that continues to win awards both locally and internationally. An intensely rich apple flavour with a dry finish makes this a standout from the many other ‘Scrumpy’ style ciders.

Scrumpy Lemon Cider 8.2% 1.25L

The No 1 Cider brand in New Zealand. A product with a higher alcohol strength that gives added body and a delicious 'raspberry' flavour. At 8.2 % alcohol Scrumpy is the King of the high alcohol category. It's fruitier and fuller in body than Harvest cider. An instant party starter! Alc./Vol.8.2%

Scrumpy Rasp Cider 8.2% 1.25Ltr

Scrumpy Raspberry was launched in 2012 and hasn’t looked back. The burst of Raspberry flavour mixed with our local apples makes this a favourite of ours.

Zeffer Apple Crumble Infused Cider Flagon 1000ml

This Kiwi classic has won too many awards (and fans) to mention on here. Delicious is the only way to describe this cider. If you can imagine a freshly baked slice of apple crumble served with vanilla ice cream… this sums up the taste of this beautifully balanced cider perfectly. Our head cidermaker crafts this ingenious flavour using freshly crushed apples infused with cinnamon, vanilla and blackberry leaves. ABV: 5.4%