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Ron Zacapa Edicion Negra Rum 1000ml

A 1 litre bottling of Ron Zacapa's Edición Negra, which was originally released for the Travel Retail market. This has been aged in double charred American oak barrels, resulting in smoky elements coming through the thick brown sugar and chocolate notes.

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Ron Zacapa Cent 23YO Rum 1 ltr

Ron Zacapa Cent 23YO Rum 1 ltr Nose: Very sweet and nutty, honey and chocolate. Dark brown sugar, gentle smoke. Pipe tobacco. Palate: Very sweet and soft. Dark brown sugar, molasses, rounded, so gentle! Finish: Thick, medium length, hint of smoke on the tail.

Absinth Hapsburg Traditional 72.5% 500ml

Hapsburg Traditional Absinthe, follows in the footsteps of the “The Green Fairy” and is produced in Italy with the same centuries old aniseed taste and aroma. Absinthe gained immense popularity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as bohemian artists and writers such as Toulouse-Lautrec, Hemmingway and Oscar Wilde found it had an inspiring effect on their creativity and it became commonly known as “The Green Fairy”. The cause of this effect was the high quantities of Thujone found in one of the ingredients: Wormwood. Public pressure to reduce Absinthe’s high consumption in the early 1900’s, forced both France and Switzerland to cease production after almost 100 years. Absinthe’s modern revival began in earnest in the 1990’s and it is now a drink enjoyed the world over