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Sheep Dip Malt Whisky 700ml

This gold medal winning blended malt whiskey need a brand identity and packaging that reflected its quirky name while still being taken seriously. Sheep Dip - This golden-colored, vatted malt is a blend of 16 single malt whiskys aged between 8 and 21 years, its name arising from British farmers' slang for whisky: sheep dip (so called to avoid paying taxes on home-distilled spirits). The nose is heavy on the malt, a rich and starchy tone that promises a really meaty spirit. The palate, however, is quite a bit more subdued. Citrus hinted at in the nose is stronger here, overpowering the malt a bit. It's very pleasant and easy to drink, but not overly complex. Certainly something to break out at the end of a long day in the fields rather than to cap off a gourmet feast.

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Lake Chalice Deb's Rose 750ml

Celestially touched this, a divine little gathering of all that?s good about this sort of wine: fresh, clean, crisp fruit flavours and enough going on to avoid any insinuations of insipidity. Packed and ready to hit the great outdoors. Region / Country: Marlborough, New Zealand Varietal: Rose Volume: 750ml Alcohol %: 10.50% Food Match: Seafood and Dessert

Wild Side Strawberry & Lime Cider Bottle each 500m

The rugged landscape of Central Otago makes it the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of wild fruit. Unfortunately it's also a breeding ground for wild rabbits, and if there's one thing that breeds like rabbits, it's rabbits. Famous for terrorising motorists and annoying farmers, they're also keen strawberry pickers. We are too, so we put them in our cider.

Wild Side Feijoa & Passionfruit Cider Bottle 500ml

The temperate climate of subtropical Northland provides great conditions for growing tropical fruit, such as feijoa and passionfruit. It's also the stomping ground of the "Captain Cooker" wild pig, a sausageshaped whirlwind that demolishes everything in its path. Some say it's the fiercest beast you'll encounter in the New Zealand bush. We say it goes great with cider.