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Schweppes 1783 Salty Tonic Water 4pk Btls 200ml

A bold blend of salty and citrusy notes merged with florals and aniseed for a full flavour. Pairs with boutique Gins, Tequila & traditional spirits.

Schweppes Classic Ginger Beer 4pk 330ml

Quench your thirst with this delicious classic. Schweppes Traditionals Ginger Beer offers a true flavour hit with real ginger and the perfect amount of bubbles, giving it a lively bite and refreshing edge.

Schweppes Dry Lemonade 4pk 330ml

Using a hand-crafted recipe known only to a few of Schweppes’ Master Blenders, Schweppes Lemonade uses a bespoke blend of lemon and lime oils, blended for days at four degrees Celsius. Inspired by the original Schweppes Aerated Lemonade from 1835, Schweppes Lemonade delivers the crisp, clean taste loved by generations.


Schweppes Ginger Ale Glass 4pk Bottles 330ml

Schw Ginger Ale Glass 6x4pk

Schweppes Light Ginger Beer 1.5 Ltr

Schweppes light ginger beer has an authentic spicy ginger taste with no sugar - perfect for enjoying on its own or as a mixer.

Schweppes Soda with Lemontwist 4pk Btls 330ml

Schw SodaLemon 6x4pk Btls 330ml

Schweppes Tonic 4pk Btls 330ml

Schweppes Tonic Water 4pk btls 330ml

Schweppes Tonic 6pk Cans 250ml

In 1783, jacob schweppe captivated the world by harnessing the effervescence of the world's finest soft drink. Schweppes indian tonic water is the classic partner to the perfect gin - providing that crisp, bitter balance, it contains quinine from natural sources.

Six Barrel Soda Co Raspberry & Lemon Syrup 500ml

A classic pink lemonade, popular with kids and grownups alike since forever. Six Barrel Soda Co use real raspberries for a tart berry flavour and pink hue, with lemon zest and juice for a refreshing citrus backbone. Try it with a slice of lemon or with light spirits or Italian aperitifs...

Six Barrel Soda Co Strawberry & Cream Syrup 500ml

It’s made with lots of real strawberries, Heilala vanilla, and lemon juice. Here for a limited time while the sun is shining and the fruit is juicy. Each bottle makes around 15 drinks. Thank-you summer for the strawberries!

Sprite 1.5L

Sprite is a lemon-lime flavoured soft drink with a crisp, clean taste that gives you the ultimate cut-through refreshment