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We are able to help you with your function requirements, that can get stressful at times, and that's why Big Barrel offers function planning services to help you get organised with ease.

Call our team at toll-free number 0800 227735 for our range of services such as:

  • Obligation free quotes: We look forward to providing obligation free quotes with our suggestions if you need or try something new/or a bit different?
  • Sale or return: Our Policy for function orders simply allow peace of mind - that's right, anything that doesn't get used and has intact packaging you can return for a full refund! (Limits may apply)
  • Chilled beverages: Chilled beverages are available on a short notice.
  • Glassware, for when there just isn't enough in the cupboard or when your best crystal isn't going to be an option. (may not be available across all stores/regions).
  • Delivery to enable you to spend more time on other needs as Big Barrel will take all the headache for your drinks requirements.  
For further info call us at  0800 227 735