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Light Spirit Range

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Light Spirit Range

Kentucky Blue Bourbon 13.9% 1000ml

The Settlers Choice blended with genuine kentucky bourbon .

Kristov Red label 13.9% 1000ml

Kristov Red is the base spirit used in the most popular Australasian white spirit RTD - Vodka Cruiser. Due to the world wide success of Vodka Cruisers, the trade and consumers alike have been waiting for the full strength Kristov variant. Here it is - smooth, clean and sophisticated, the perfect base to any drink.

Mad Jack Gold Rum 13.9% 1000ml

Finest distilled Spirit blended to evoke the flavour of the south Seas

Mad Mac Whisky 14% 1Ltr

Pirate Pete Rum 14% 1Ltr This is a low alcohol ( 14%) scotch whisky style spirit made with 37% whisky with added sucrose and honey. It is best consumed with just ice or a splash of ginger beer.

Moskva Vodka 13.9% 1000ml

Moskva Vodka 13.9% 1000ml: Moskva Blend is made with Pure Neutral Spirit, ‘Moskva Blend’ delivers a smooth, flavourful and crisp Vodka Experience.