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Craft Beers

Black Dog Bone Yard IPA 6pk Bottles 330ml

Creep around the bone yard and hear the old hound wail! This big bad dog is back from the dead, breathing new life into an old IPA style. A real hop hit with a few phantom flavours that creep up quietly. Bone Yard howls with Waimea, Chinook and Taiheke hops that make for a big pale ale without freaking the sheep so to speak.
Previously:  $21.99 $19.99

Black Dog DogFather APA 6pk Bottles 330ml

Dog Father dealing, workin the feeling and brewing it fly. It's an All American tang thang. Citra & Amarillo, Damn Son! What a snap on the tongue. This blends out nice and rhyming tight. Stone fruit humin, passionfruit zingn and Amarillo buzzin. It's a full fruit drive by. Rock to that.
Previously:  $21.99 $19.99

Black Dog Pug Life XPA 6pk Bottles 330ml

Word up. Got you a real deal pale ale with a killa finish. Stone fruits for kicks, malt sweetness for the lovers and a refreshing hop zing for the whole game. This Pug Life starts funky, but when the bitterness drops, it'll have your taste buds popping. How you like me now?

Boundary Road Grizzly GingerBeer 6pk Btls 330ml

We love Beer. We love Ginger Beer. So we've cunningly combined them in Grizzly Beer, a new experience in brewing. We've dialled back the hops, reducing the bitterness to allow the ginger to shine through. A truly unique beer for lovers of truly unique beers. You know who you are.

Boundary Road LawnRanger 6pk Btls 330ml

1920's Europe has some scorching summers so they invented a brew called radler, the German word for 'really hot cyclist that needs a drink'. This is our version, a cooling lemon and lime infused lager. We don't cycle so much these days, but we cut an awful lot of grass so we called it Lawn Ranger. Stretch out in the hammock and enjoy.

Boundary Road Choosen Golden Lager 6pk Btls 330ml

We asked the 999 New Zealanders of our Tasting Committee what they wanted in a lager and The Chosen One was the answer. Thanks, all our tasters. It's a new twist on a classic brew with a blend of two NZ grown hops and two NZ grown malts leading to a biscuity base with a soft bitterness and a pleasant hop aroma. At least that's what our Head Brewer says.

Boundary Road Flying Fortress Ale 6pk Btls 330ml

Flying Fortress Ale symbolises everything great about beer: a big taste, a graceful aroma and two massive engines on each wing. The malts are Pale Ale combined with chocolate and caramel variants while the hops are NZ Motueka and Pacific Jade. Ardmore Airport, just 5km from the brewery, was originally built for these beautiful behemoths. Adjust your helmet and strap yourself in.

Boundary Road Mumbo Jumbo India PaleAle 6pk Btls 3

Back in the British Raj, elephant riding, tea-swilling settlers were in dire need of rescuing from the Indian sun. And so the India Pale Ale was born. Brewed with extra hops so it'd survive the voyage east, it was imbued with floral aromas, malty sweetness and a lingering dry finish. But enough of that Mumbo Jumbo. Stretch out on the verandah and enjoy.

Boundary Road Pilsoner Czech 6pk Btls 330ml

The Bouncing Czech is named after the town of Pizen (Pilsen) in what is now the Czech Republic. For centuries Pizen produced a beer famed for its strong hoppy taste. For a similar style we use NZ Cascade and Pacifica hops to produce a characterful pilsener with explosions of citrus. It'll bounce round your mouth like a rabbit on a trampoline.