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Non Alcoholic Mixers

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Non Alcoholic Mixes

Big Bucket Margarita Mix 2.84L

Master Mixes makes the perfect Margarita! Try the bucket today - simply add one bottle of tequila and you have nearly one gallon of margaritas to enjoy! Put in the fridge for a margarita on the rocks and the freezer for a frozen treat.

Big Bucket Strawberry Diaquiri Mixer 2.84L

The number one selling strawberry bucket in the category. Versatility is key to this product as it tastes delicious with both rum and tequila! Juice: 1%/Juice type: Key lime juice, California lemon juice. Colour: Translucent red. Flavour: Hints of red ripe strawberries with refreshing lemon, lime and orange notes.

Jose' Cuervo Margarita Mix 1000ml

Jose Cuervo's own special margarita mix that combines the flavour of Triple sec and Mexican Lemons. Just add Jose Cuervo Especial Tequila and some crushed ice for a refreshing Cuervo Margarita. The fastest and easiest way to enjoy the best of cocktails, the perfect way to make margaritas time and time again. Ideal for parties or to enjoy at home.

Kings Grenadine 1000ml

Grenadine syrup is Europe's number one fruit syrup. A vital ingredient in many cocktails for taste colour and sweetening. Non Alcoholic

Master of Mixes Margarita 1LTR

Master of Mixes Margarita Mix is an authentic blend of Key lime juice harvested from a limited growing area in coastal Mexico, essential citrus oils used in triple sec and a touch of simple syrup and pure agave nectar for a naturally refreshing, authentic flavor. Master of Mixes Margarita is expertly blended with ingredients that make it versatile enough to be used in both on the rocks and frozen applications.

Master of Mixes PinaColada 1LTR

Master of Mixes Pina Colada is an ultra-creamy blend of real coconuts with a splash of pineapple juice. Juice: 23%, coconut / pineapple. Colour: Opaque, white. Flavour: Sweet, fruity and fresh pineapple with a creamy coconut finish.

Master of Mixes Strawberry Daiquiri 1LTR

Create popular summer favourites with our strawberry-loaded, versatile Strawberry Daiquiri / Margarita Mix. Juice: 14%, strawberry and lime. Colour: Opaque, bright red. Flavour: Fresh, ripe, sweet strawberry flavour with no unripe notes.

Schw Lime Cordial 720ml

Schweppes Lime Cordial 750ml

Schw Raspberry Cordial 720ml

Schweppes Raspberry Cordial 750ml

Schweppes Lemon lime n Bitter 4pk Btls 330ml

Using six botanical spices and herbs including cinnamon, clove and pimento berry, Schweppes Aromatic Bitters is hand crafted in small batches by Schweppes’ Master Blenders. The aromatic bitters is then combined with lemon and lime juices and a bespoke blend of natural lemon, lime and citrus oils to create the iconic taste of Schweppes Lemon Lime & Bitters.

UB Free Wine Drops Red reduce sulphites

If you experience negative effects after drinking wine or are sulphite intolerant, UBfree may be for you. This dropper bottle will neutralise free sulphites in approximately 20 standard glasses of red wine. Simply add 6 drops into a glass of red wine. Swirl and wait for approximately 30 seconds. Enjoy sulphite free wine!