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Admiral Nelson's SpicedRum 750ml

Admiral Nelson's Premium Spiced Rum pays homage to Horatio Nelson, Admiral of the greatest armada to ever set sail! Golden in colour with both sweet and bold flavours and an exceptionally smooth palate. The perfect rum to mix in your favourite drink or why not try the Spiced Colada; a delicious mix of Admiral Nelson's Premium Spiced Rum and pina colada mix over crushed ice.


Black Heart Spiced Rum 1000ml

Black Heart Rum is a unique demerara rum made from a blend of 11 of the finiest, smoothest, Caribbean rums and aged for up to 4 years in oak casks.Black Heart Rum has a genuine heritage in New Zealand, closely linked with the nation's maritime history.It was first produced in 1842 by Henry White, who made his fortune selling Rum to troops during the Crimean war of 1854-56.Black Heart Rum is the darkest of all Rums and has a strong rich flavour with a smooth rounded character.It has robust fruity flavours of molasses, honey and chocolate.It is not as sweet as other rums giving a strong dark rum taste. Alc. Vol.:37.2%

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 1ltr

A blend of golden rum, natural flavours and mellow spices that is guaranteed to get you going. Smooth to drink and easy to mix with cola, lemonade or orange juice. Alc. Vol.:35%

Kraken Blk Spiced Rum 700ml

A dark spiced Caribbean rum introduced to the UK in Spring 2010, Kraken's old-style bottle and superlative packaging seem to earmark it out for greatness, and perhaps it will help some of those many thousands of punters nursing an old-recipe-Sailor-Jerry-sized hole in their hearts.

Lambs Spiced Rum 700ml

Lamb's Spiced is blended with natural spices, distinctive hints of warming cinnamon & rich caramel encapsulating the exotic spirit of the Caribbean.


Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum 700ml

Nose : Smooth, spicy notes balanced vanilla and toffe. Taste : subtle spices balanced with sweet vanilla and caramel. Notes of cinnamon , nutmeg and almond. Sailor Jerry spiced is a straight - up handcrafted classic.It's crafted to such high standards that you can sip it neat and poured over ice. It also mixes just right in classlic drinks like Sailor Jerry & cola or Sailor Jerry & ginger, as well as classic drinks ,just don,t go dropping any tiny umbrellas in it - that just wouldn't be right !
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Waiwera Spiced Gold Rum 700ml

Waiwera rums are made using organic muscovado sugar, which they ferment with Champagne yeast to around 15% abv and distill it once in a pot still and once in a batch rectification column, resulting in a 96%+ abv. The final product is not filtered to retain it's natural aromas. It is blended with Waiwera Artesian Water and natural and organic spices that are sourced locally whenever possible. By combining different blends of spices we create two distinct styles of rum; Spiced Gold with a stronger concentration of winter spices and Spiced Silver with a lighter fruitier blend. The resulting products have a very smooth mouthfeel, enhanced by the spices to create complex rums that can be enjoyed on their own as well as in a cocktail.